Six week transformation. Followed the diet to the T. All natural. No steroids. Enough said.

Kyle M.

After giving birth to my daughter, I, of course, wanted to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and figure, but I had no idea where to start nor did I have the motivation to do it on my own. I had gained forty pounds during pregnancy and really thought I would never lose the baby weight. Luckily for me, I found Mike Burns! In just eight weeks with Mike (and only four months after giving birth), I was back down to a size zero and my pre-pregnancy weight. In fact, I am now in much better shape than I ever was pre-pregnancy! It has been hard work, but so worth it. Mike always makes my workouts challenging and fun, and I look forward to our workouts. I’ve worked with several personal trainers over the years, and I can honestly say that Mike is the best, hands down. Mike is super knowledgeable and a great motivator. I know I never could have gotten into the shape that I’m in now without Mike. Not only that, but over the years that Mike and I have been training, he has become a friend. What more could you want? I do not hesitate in highly recommending Mike to anyone who wants to get into the best shape of their life and needs some help getting there.

Catherine Perry

What can I say about Mike? He is the best. I used to be a dancer when I lived in New York and I had a near perfect body. You had to, it’s so fast paced and chaotic. Then I decided to move to Los Angeles and try other ventures

During my time here I was in a really bad car accident and broke my back in two places. I was in the hospital for months and then released and was told that my dancing days are over. Since the accident I gained almost 50 pounds and felt disgusted with myself.

I talked with my doctor and he said that I could go to the gym and do light exercises. I tried it out on my own and felt unmotivated, because everywhere I looked I saw people who looked better than me and that just made me remember how I used to look like everyone else before my accident. So I decided to get a personal trainer. I found Mike and he been that missing piece that I needed. He spoke with my doctor and found all of my limitations and he came up with a workout regimen to work with my limitations. He also cleaned up my diet and helped me stick to it. He pushed me and encouraged me every day we were in the gym.

He always kept me focused and in tune with my goal and in 5 1/2 months I lost 47 pounds and I feel terrific. My dancing days may be over but at least I have the body that I used to have when I was a dancer. Let Mike train you and help you achieve that goal like he did for me. Trust me you will not regret it.

Mateo Cruz

I have been training with Mike Burns for over 4 years. He has been on time, able to teach, and motivational every single session in these 4 years. Not only is he one of the best trainers around, he is also a great person and extremely professional. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to achieve the body they want.

David Golshan

Mike Burns is an outstanding professional at the top of his field. He is by far the best trainer I’ve ever worked with. Extremely knowledgeable with a fantastic work ethic, Mike has helped me accomplish physical goals which I never thought possible. Since I started training with Mike, my body has drastically changed for the better and now all of my friends compliment my toned figure. I’ve never felt more healthy and fit in my life. Training sessions are never boring and I’m always learning something new. All sports and anything physical has become so much easier for me due to the superior level of fitness Mike has helped me accomplish. I can’t give him high enough praise! Thank you Mike!

Lily Dionne

Thank you Mike!
I honestly couldn’t do it without YOU! You helped me throughout my journey A LOT. You supported me when nobody else believed in me, motivated me and made me push myself to get to where I am right now. Words cannot do justice for how much I appreciate you for what you’ve done for me so far! I’ve lost 42 lbs. so far and I think I can continue to achieve my goals.


Training with Michael Burns is always intense. It’s never dull; he is very knowledgeable and knows what to do to help you reach your goal. I’ve trained with him for 4 years now. When we first started I was 140lbs. With his diet plans and training programs I have gained over 20lbs lean muscle. He pushes me and others to be the best we can be. I recommend and have.

Andy K

Found this precious gem browsing the internet. And he did not disappoint. I train with Mike now for almost 2 years now. I recommended him to my closest friends, and all of them became clients. But my experience with Mike is that not only he is a great trainer, but he became a great friend. Not only because he is a nice guy, but he is truly a caring human. He knows what it takes to overcome your fears and that idea you have about the word can’t. I came to Mike in no shape. Both physically and emotionally. I had 0 confidence. Today, I squat 275lb. I ran the Spartan Sprint. I shed about 20 lbs of fat and gained lean muscle. He challenges me every day to outdo myself. To push harder. To work smarter. And take on new challenges moderately. Watching form. Watching goals. Changing up routines so I don’t get bored. He even threw in a 3 hour leg day on a Saturday. Together we have come a long way. I highly recommend him – #lifetime customer.

Renata C.

I’ve been working out with Mike for two months this summer. He designed an 8 week program for me. I have to admit it was hard in the beginning because I wasn’t even used to walking… But after the first week my whole world changed! It’s been great! After two months my body shape is completely different. I can now do things that would’ve required a lot of energy.

I had to go back to Italy for a few months, and because our food is so amazing I’ve gained weight again (oops!). But now I’m back training with Mike! I would NEVER trade Mike for anyone. Not even for a lipo :)) Ok maybe yes… Just kidding! He’s THE BEST. He pushes you to do things that you might think you could never do… And then you realize you just have to trust yourself! He teaches you how to believe in yourself! He teaches you how to eat, how to live healthy. He’s very professional and also a good listener! So go to him also if you need a psychologist!! Best personal trainer EVER!!!!

Ludovica Z

I was one of the unhealthiest people on the planet. I never wanted to work out or even attempt to eating healthy. But I would always see Mike training his clients and I would notice the amazing transformations each of them would have. So after a while I finally decided to train with Mike an give him a try, because I had heard nothing but great things about him. At first I started slow and did a session a week. My main concern was to get toned legs. After a month which was only four sessions I could not help but notice how different my body was starting to look, people were even complimenting me and noticing the changes. Mike would always push me. Even when I wanted to give up because I was so tired. He would not hear any it. He is one of the most motivating people I know. And he is there with you every step of the way. He even designed my very own diet plan. I also noticed that I had more energy and I wasn’t as tired as I was before. It was not long before I was training with him twice a week. I recommend him to everybody that I know because he is the BEST trainer out there. I will stay with him for life.

Teresa S

Mike is a great trainer.. In my time with him my bench press has increased over 100lbs, leg press over 600lbs and I have put on 15lbs of muscle. Whether your Goal is to loose weight, build mass or get ripped mike will get you there! – Brandon Reder

Brandon Rader

I’m not going to lie and say that my personal training sessions with Mike Burns haven’t been challenging, but I do have to say that the rewards I received were worth every single sweat-filled minute. Not only is Mike extremely knowledgeable in human anatomy, he is also very well educated in living a healthier life. Mike knows that each client he has is different, and works with that client to satisfy their personal needs. Mike will gladly work on a personal, healthy eating diet and is very good at suggesting different dietary supplements. Mike Burns calls himself a body sculptor, and he is very true to his words. I could tell Mike exactly what I wanted to change about my body, and he would focus our sessions on that. He is also one of the best motivators you could ask for. Whether Mike is making you run cars in the parking lot, making you cry through your 20th burpie, or have you running sets of stairs over and over again…Mike does it all with a smile on his face. I have had a lot of trainers in my life (including my own older brother), but NEVER one as good as Mike Burns.

Allie Carrol

What’s great about Mike is that he truly cares for his clients. You can tell by the way he trains you, the way he talks to you and most importantly, the way he listens to you. Safety is key with Mike. Not only will he teach you the right way to do each exercise, he will show you proper foot placement and breathing. When you don’t understand something, he will gladly explain it to you in a very practical way. When you’re training, you’ll clearly understand what each exercise is doing for you and why you’re doing it. Got a question about supplements or diet? Mike is incredibly knowledgeable in those areas as well.

With Mike, I’ve learned how to eat right and maintain healthy eating habits. Deciding to train with Mike was the one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. I’ve been training with Mike, three times a week, since January 2012. Nine months later, I have gone through some major changes. When I first started with Mike, my waist was a 54. Now I’m a 40. My goal is to drop down a few more inches. My weight back in January 2012 was close to 360. Now I weigh 290. 23 OF 33 That’s 70 pounds and 14 inches lost since I started training with Mike. I’m excited to see how much progress I can make with Mike’s training.

Tom Ham

My name is Molia Jr. I started training with Mike on March 2013. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was just looking into dropping a few pounds and get my strength back. When I started with Mike I haven’t lift or do anything In over 15 yrs.

I also have arthritis in knees. Fast forward now into a year later, I have lost a significant amount of weight and I gained a lot of my strength back. I also barely feel any pain my knees. Don’t get me wrong the pain will always be there because there is no cure for arthritis but ever since I worked with Mike I have more good days of NO PAIN at all in my knees.

All I can say about Mike is that he will get you where you want to go as far as losing the weight and getting fit. All you have to do is show up and work your ass off.

Mike is a very detailed trainer. He will give you a diet plan (If you need one of course).He will have a workout plan already ready for you when you walk in the gym. He will push you like you have never been pushed before.

Mike will make sure that you are doing everything the right way and that includes lifting and whatever else he has you doing and trust me he will make do a lot of different exercises and lifting a tremendous amount of weight.

I have been working out with Mike now for a little over a year and I have seen a significant change in my body and my strength. Al my numbers have increased a great deal. I went from benching on a good day 100lbs to now benching 315lbs.I went from squatting 115lbs to now squatting 405lbs. I can go on and on about my numbers but you get the picture.

Within a year I have become really good friends with Mike and his family and that’s how he makes you feel when he trains you. He doesn’t look at you as a client he considers you family.

I can honestly say that I always look forward in to going to the gym and train with Mike because I know I will walk out of there knowing that, I will be really sore the next day and that I really feel good about the workout that we just had.

I can go on and on about how great Mike is as a person and trainer but if you really want to feel how I feel then you have to have him as your trainer. I promise you it will be one of the decisions you will ever make in your life.

I am honored to have him both as a friend and trainer. I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about working out and living a healthy life.

Molia M

I have been working out with Mike for over 3 months now and I can genuinely say he has had a transformative influence on my health. His unwavering commitment to achieving the best results for his client shows every single day. I count myself lucky to have him as the backbone to my workout regimen. Due to his background in the medical field he not only possesses comprehensive knowledge of fitness but also of nutrition and diet. I’ve seen a major change in my health, and consequently a positive change in my general outlook and overall happiness. Furthermore, Mike – true to his word – has helped me stop smoking (after 10+ years of nearly a pack a day). I grew up playing competitive sports at a high level, and Mike pushes me on a level that I feel is comparable to what I would get from my coaches during those days. It’s exactly what I asked of him and he has delivered. On top of it all, he cares. He cares about his clients and it shows in every facet of our relationship. He loves his job, and that’s because he loves having a positive influence on people and seeing the changes in them that accompanies the changes in their health. He is personable, caring and tough; the exact person I recommend you train with. Every word I’ve written above I mean full-heartedly. He’s the man.

Trevor Funk

I’ve trained with Mike for over 7 years now and his expertise and creativity in exercising my body and muscles doesn’t cease to surprise me. He is extremely knowledgeable in foods, body physic, overall health. He always pinpoints and targets the areas my body most needs. I appreciate Mike a lot and I wouldn’t have the body I have if it wasn’t for him. I highly recommend Mike to anyone that is serious about being in great shape!