I hear a lot of "how it will hurt" after I start training. Is this true?

You will be sore your first week of training but it will pass. I’m very good about understanding how to train you to minimize the soreness, so that you can still move around. Most trainers overdo it from the beginning in an attempt to impress you, resulting in severe soreness and pain. I’m not an egomaniac and your safety and results are my number one priority.

How do I pay for sessions and when?

You can either pay in person by cash or check, credit card. All sessions must be paid for in full before they are started.

How often do I need to meet for personal training sessions?

That is completely up to you on how often you would like to meet with Mike. I’ll suggest to you how many may be needed depending on your goal but you will decide what is within your need and budget.

How important is my diet? Can’t I just work out and get where I want to be?

Unfortunately you can’t just diet alone. You will lose weight but you will also develop a lot of loose skin if you don’t incorporate an exercise program with it. Diet is a huge factor. In fact 60% or your progress and improvements will come from diet alone. I will help you with your diet to help ensure that you will be getting the proper amount of nutrients in so that you can get optimal gains and results.

How do I know what is the best program for me?

Once an appointment is made to sit down and meet, I’ll discuss your fitness goals and then determine which method of training will be best suited for you. We will discuss your health history, goals, fitness level, and diet to determine what will be best suited for you.

Is there any equipment or anything special 
that I need to bring to the gym?

Yes. Come in with good comfortable gym shoes and pants or shorts, T-shirt or tank top. Do not come in wearing jeans or sandals. It’s also recommended to use gym gloves for the workouts. They will not only prevent calluses but they will help you with your grip. I would also recommend bringing in bottled water.

Should I eat before I work out?

Yes but not immediately before you work out. You want to eat and have the meal finished about an hour before you work out. What meal to eat will be discussed with you when we review the diet program for your training.

Won‘t I lose weight if I don’t eat anything at night before I go to sleep?

Yes but it won’t be fat weight. It’ll be a loss of muscle mass, which is something that you don’t want. What you want to do is eat a small meal before you go to bed. Just watch the intake of carbs and fat. You want to have enough fuel in the body for your body to still function throughout the night. Just because you are sleeping, it doesn’t mean that your organs will be asleep also. They need nutrients to survive and function. If you don’t have anything for the organs to use, then the body will go into survival mode and it will not go after the fat, but after the muscles, as they are higher in nutrients. All this will be discussed in detail when you set up your appointment.

Won’t I lose weight if I just eat one or two meals a day?

Yes but it won’t stay off. And you would be losing a lot of muscle mass versus fat. When the body doesn’t get enough nourishment and is being starved, it will go into survival mode. It will conserve the fat as a last form of survival and it will go after the muscles, as they are higher in nutrients. By following this method in attempt of losing the weight, you are not speeding up your metabolism. You’re actually slowing it down. The way to speed up your metabolism is by eating at least 5 small portion sized meals a day. As the meal is digested, your metabolism will hurry to process it in preparation for the next meal that it knows will be consumed soon. If you only consume one to two meals a day it will slow your metabolism down in an effort to disperse the nutrients throughout the day.

I just had a baby, how soon can I work out to get back in shape and how long will it take?

This is a very popular question that I get. Typically you can begin training within 4-6 weeks after child delivery if all went well. Sometimes a Dr. may require you to wait a bit longer depending on circumstances. You may not be able to work on abs right away as it takes anywhere from 6 weeks to 4 months for the abdominal muscles to shrink back into alignment. But what we can do is focus on all of the rest. We still will have to be mindful of certain exercises that you won’t be able to do as it can compress too much on your abs which will not allow them to realign properly, at least not just yet. You will be amazed at how the ENTIRE body will change and at how rapid of a pace. Average length of time a client has come to me and gotten back into their pre-baby form, if all is well with them, is about 2-4 months.

I am recovering from an injury in which I had surgery on. How soon can I rebuild the loss I have acquired from this injury?

Once you are cleared from your Dr. to get back into the gym then we will work on flexibility of the affected area, stretching of the muscles, increasing blood flow to the area, strengthening the surrounding muscles of the area, and then once that is done we can work directly on the affected area. Depending on the injury it can take a few weeks to a few months to bring it back. Example, the client I had who came to me after suffering a broken neck, it took about 5 months before we could focus on the direct muscles and once that was done it took just over 3 months to get him into shape. Whereas the other client who came to me with a broken back it took us 3 months to develop and strengthen the surrounding muscles and get flexibility in the target area and within 5 months they were able to hit their goal. It really all depends on what the injury is and how bad it was.

I am a vegan; can I still develop lean muscle and increase my endurance and stamina?

Yes of course you can. It may take a bit longer to develop lean muscle versus an individual who is not a vegan but yes you can still be lean and fit. Diet will be a huge part of that and I can help you determine what you will need to consume to achieve your goal.

I want to lose all of this excess fat that I have. Is there a pill I can take to burn off the fat so that I can be thin?

There are diet pills you can take to help with you lose weight. However, I don’t recommend taking them because while you lose weight initially, you won’t keep the weight off this way. The moment you have a cheat meal your body will hold onto those extra carbs and fat thus causing you to slowly gain back the weight you just lost. It is best to change the diet and lose the weight through diet and exercise. This will speed up your metabolism and occasionally you will be able to cheat a little without worry of gaining weight.