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Body Sculpting

by Michael B Burns Personal Trainer in Los Angeles.

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Weight Loss

Losing 20+ pounds is actually pretty easy. No need to be discouraged. Combined with a clean diet and goal specific training we’ll work on speeding up your metabolism so you burn fat at a steady pace.

Diet and Nutrition

We will teach you how to select the right foods to eat, which foods to avoid, good sources of proteins, carbs, and fats as well as how much you should eat daily to achieve your individual weight loss or body sculpting goals.

Mike’s Body Sculpting in Los Angeles.

Mike and his team are highly experienced, educated and skilled in all aspects of health and fitness training including weight management, increased stamina, endurance, injury recovery and rehabilitation, pre & post-natal, body building and improved daily health and well being. In addition we offer in-home, one on one and group training options throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding geography.

Different training styles we offer.

There are several programs we can mix and match to achieve what you’re looking for.

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